Subscription Questions

How soon can I start?

Give us a call and we will get you started as soon as possible!

I haven't had my baby yet. Can I sign up now?

Yes! Pre-birth sign up and initial delivery is recommended. Schedule a free, in-home demonstration and have your supplies delivered at least 2 weeks prior to your due date, then just call us to activate the account after your baby is born.

How long will I need diaper service?

Most babies need cloth diapering for at least 24 months. Cloth diapered babies are generally potty trained earlier than disposable diapered babies. Just another great reason to choose cloth!

Can I get/give a gift certificate?

Yes! A minimum gift of 2 weeks of service may be purchased for anyone. If you buy the gift, you will receive a card to present to the recipient. If you are given a gift it will be credited to your account. When your gift ends, service will continue automatically until you call to cancel.

Service Questions

How does delivery work?

Basic service includes rental of either 100 newborn, 70 infant, 55 regular, or 45 toddler diapers weekly. Typical diaper "rotation" works like this:

Week 1: We drop off 70 diapers
Week 2: We drop off 70 diapers, we pick up 65 dirty diapers
Week 3: We drop off 65 diapers, we pick up 68 dirty diapers
Week 4: We drop off 68 diapers, we pick up 62 dirty diapers
Etc., etc., etc.

You will never be without plenty of fresh, clean diapers!

What if I forget to put my diapers out?

If you forget to put your soiled diapers out for pickup, your driver will still deliver your week's clean diapers. We will contact you for an alternate pick up time. We are happy to cover a few occasional extra trips, but will have to charge an additional $10 pick up fee if this occurs more than three times.

What if I accidentally put something besides diapers and wipes in the pail?

Please keep all personal items and disposable products out of the pail liners. We cannot be responsible for any lost items left in the soiled diaper bag, including other cloth diapering accessories. Please let us know and we will do our best to locate any missing items. If item is found we will gladly return it on your next scheduled pick-up. Happy Bottoms is also not responsible for any accidental cleaning of lost items.

What if my bag gets stolen?

Believe it or not bags do get stolen. We ask that you make sure that you place your bag in a secure location. If however, a bag does get stolen we will split the cost of the stolen bag with the customer.

I'm going on vacation, what should I do?

Please contact us 2 weeks in advance of your vacation to make arrangements. We allow a maximum of 4 “vacation week” credits each year. If you would like to use cloth on your trip, we can make arrangements to supply you with the necessary items or recommend a local service. If you will be using disposables we can either deliver Seventh Generation supplies and/or place a hold on your service until you return.

How do I end my service?

We sincerely hope you only cancel service because your child is potty trained. If you are canceling for any other reason please let us help fix the problem! To cancel please call us with at least one week's notice. All diapers and reusable wipes clean and dirty must be returned on the day you cancel. We will do a final count on incoming diapers and wipes to determine how many are missing or unusable. There is a charge for missing or damaged rental items, $3 per diaper and $2 per wipe.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given for unused service within the first 2 weeks. If you potty train earlier than expected a refund for remaining prepaid service can be arranged.

Diapering Questions

How do I diaper with cloth?

Cloth diapering has never been easier or more convenient. See the how to pamphlet attached to your first delivery, check out this link or give us a call.

Will my day-care center use cloth diapers?

More and more daycares and Montessori schools understand the benefits of cloth diapers and are supporting parents' use of cloth diapers by using them in the facility with your supplies. Usually they require that you provide your own wet bag so they can return your diapers at the end of the day. Ask your provider to give it a try. Let us know what we can do to help support you in this. Don't give up on cloth simply because your daycare is resistant! Give us a call and we'll help find the best solution.

How many diapers will I get each week?

Infants, on average, use 70 diapers per week. When you sign up for service, we set aside 140 diapers for your use. Seventy of these are delivered week 1 and the second seventy are delivered week 2. From week 3 on, we will deliver the number of diapers you returned the week before.

What size diapers will I need?

The diapers come in 4 sizes based on the weight of the baby. The sizes are:
Newborn: under 5 lbs
Infant: 5-15 lbs
Regular: 15-35 lbs
Toddler: 35 lbs +

We will send you the size that matches your baby's weight and make adjustments as you notify us.

What do I put over the diapers?

A waterproof diaper cover that closes with Velcro is fastened over the diaper. No pins or rubber pants! We carry Happy Bottoms Brand made by a work at home mom right here in Palmer, AK and Thirsties, a brand made in the USA by work at home moms in Colorado. You can purchase these from us or research the many other brands available (see our links page for local diaper suppliers).

How do the Diaper Covers work?

Both Happy Bottoms and Thirsties brand diaper covers fasten with a durable velcro closure for a secure comfortable fit. They are pliable, breathable and water proof. Newborn size has an umbilical cut out. All sizes offer convenient fold-over laundry tabs to protect from pulls during laundering. In order to achieve optimal breath-ability and hassle-free washing, the Diaper Covers are made from a single layer of polyester laminate. They are 100% polyester w/urethane coating - FREE of PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. We've personally tested several covers on the market and have been most happy with these products.

What size Diaper Cover will I need?

The Diaper Covers come in 3 sizes based on the weight of the baby, with the larger 2 sizes adjusting as baby grows. The sizes are:
Preemie: 0–8 lbs
Small: 6–18 lbs
Medium: 18 – 40 lbs

We will send you the size that matches your baby's weight and make adjustments as you notify us.

How many covers will I need?

We recommend 5 covers per child per size.

How do I care for the diaper covers?

Diaper covers are to be washed at home by the parents. The laminate that lines the inside of the soft polyester can be wiped clean between uses, and if thoroughly soiled, washed in your washer. Just machine wash warm and dry in drier or hang to dry.

My diaper covers are starting to retain some odor, do I need new ones?

As covers age some may start to retain a urine odor between washings. Include baking soda when washing or soaking your covers. If you notice an increase in rashes you may wish to add vinegar to the rinse to restore the pH after using the baking soda.

What do I do if my baby is soaking through diapers at night and naptime?

Soaking through diapers can be a sign that your baby's bottom is growing and in need of a size increase in your diapers and/or diaper covers. It can also mean that your baby is sleeping for longer periods of time. Hallelujah! You can simply use 2 diapers for long sleep periods or we can provide a smaller diaper to act as a doubler should the former be too bulky. Purchasing diaper doublers is also an option, however, you would need to wash and dry the doublers yourself.

My little one is a very light sleeper, how do I keep him/her from waking up at the slightest wet diaper?

Though cloth is meant to make baby aware of their wetness, constant wakefulness is counterproductive to baby and parent health. Fleece liners wick wetness away from baby's skin and may aid in longer sleep periods giving everyone a much needed break between nighttime feedings. They wash out easily and dry quickly between changes so just a few should get you through the night. Fleece liners are available in our online store.

Won't the diaper pail smell bad?

You should be able to take some simple steps to keep odors to a minimum. Change the deodorizing disc monthly. Shake the solids from the diaper into the toilet before putting it into the pail. Do not rinse or soak diapers. Store them dry as they come off baby. Clean the diaper pail from time to time with soap and dry completely before inserting clean liner. If problems persist contact us for other options.

Where does the deodorizer go?

The deodorizer should be attached to the interior of the bin to be most effective. Do not place the deodorizer in with the diapers. It is likely to end up in the wash where it will damage diapers. See “ending service” for our policy on damaged items.

Can I use diaper rash creams on my babies bottom with cloth diapers?

Yes, but not every cream! Do not use creams containing cod liver oil or other fish oil will permanently stain or damage our cotton pre-folds, so steer clear of those. We offer a locally made, cloth diaper safe diaper salve which provides a silky barrier between baby's bottom and the diaper. Other products are fine. There is a charge for missing or damaged rental items $3 per diaper and $2 per wipe.

What do I do if I have diapering questions that aren't addressed here?

Call us at 907.903.2229. We will answer your questions if we can. If we cannot we will connect you with someone who can provide more information! Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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